BANG! Defense

PVE Mode

PVE (Person vs Environment) is the main game mode in BANG! Defense.
Much like a Tower Defense game, players are tasked with surviving waves of enemies. As enemies get stronger, you will need to manage your money, upgrade your weapon, and protect your tower!
Currently, you can earn BUDS in PVE mode through Daily Leaderboards.

Tower and Weapon

Both your tower and weapon are equipped from your Dashboard as NFTs. Depending on the rarity of your NFTs, your tower and weapon may have boosted stats or special abilities.
Your tower starts with a set amount of health and a shield. After you take a hit from an enemy, your shield breaks. It will take a few seconds for your shield to repair, and your tower is vulnerable during that period. This means that you will take damage if you get hit.
Once you reach 0 health, the match will end.

Money and Upgrades

Money is earned by killing enemies. You also earn a bit of money in "interest" at the end of every wave. This is at a rate of 10%/wave. For example, if you have $400 at the end of the wave, you will earn $40 in interest. This money is used to level up 5 different available weapon upgrades.


BANG! Defense features a variety of different Enemies. As the waves progress, stronger types of enemies will spawn. Additionally, these enemies will get stronger, faster, and more numerous. Use your towers shield to your advantage to take out the strongest enemies.