Beta Sale
Official Post:
The Beta Sale includes:
  • Beta Blaster NFTs (Grants access to Closed Beta)
  • Cosmetic, Weapon and Tower Crates
  • Cosmetic, Weapon and Tower Keys
  • A special HashKings Avatar!
Beta Sale Website

Packs and Pricing:

Here are the packs available during the Beta presale. The keys you receive will be the same type as the crates in the pack. This means you will be able to open all the crates you receive in the Beta Sale.
The price to the left (Purple) represents the normal price of the packs content, while the Blue price tag represents the Beta Sale pack price. For example, by purchasing the Legendary pack you receive $125 in Bonus NFTs! Packs have a limited supply, so grab them while you can.
There in no limit on the number of packs you can purchase during the Beta Sale.

Common Pack

Rare Pack

Epic Pack

Legendary Pack

Supported Tokens:

We will be using HivePay for the Beta Sale so we can support a variety of our Partner/Hive tokens:
  • BUDS
  • SPS / DEC
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