BANG! Defense
We will work on the following updates in order of dependency, and the progress will be indicated on this roadmap.

Presale/Development -> FINISHED

Player Profile/Dashboard -> FINISHED
  • Hive Keychain support -> FINISHED
  • View your stats and profile details -> FINISHED
  • Mode selection and play button -> FINISHED

Inventory Menu -> FINISHED

  • View your assets and NFTs in one place -> FINISHED
  • Equip/Unequip Weapon NFTs -> FINISHED

NFT Marketplace -> FINISHED

  • Buy and sell NFTs on NFTMart -> FINISHED

Beta Game Updates -> FINISHED

  • Setting menu + Keybindings -> FINISHED
  • Improved enemy/wave mechanics -> FINISHED
  • Balancing to Weapon Upgrades and Economy -> FINISHED
  • Release of Beta Blaster NFTs -> FINISHED

Closed Beta -> WE ARE HERE

PVE & P2E Leaderboards

  • PVE mode made available to "Beta Blaster" owners. -> FINISHED
  • Release of P2E Leaderboards (High Score & Total Score) -> FINISHED
  • Balancing and QOL Improvements -> IN PROGRES

More Statistics

  • Total CP Leaderboard (No Rewards)
  • Release of Stats Page with daily statistics, player growth, and token data

Weapon NFTs/Crates

  • Release of Beta Weapon NFTs -> IN PROGRESS
  • Release of Weapon Crates & Keys-> IN PROGRESS
BANG! Shop
  • An in-game shop to purchase limited edition NFTs, Keys, and more

Website Improvements

  • New Homepage
  • Addition of new page for opening crates

Open Beta -> COMING Q3/Q4 2022

More Rewards!

  • Release of additional P2E Leaderboards
  • Release of Layer-2 Rewards (EXP)
Referral Rewards
  • Content creators and writers can earn rewards and more in community events/contests by helping promote BANG! Defense.
  • Introduction of Referral Rewards

Tower NFTs/Crates

  • Release of Beta Tower NFTs
  • Release of Tower Crates & Keys

New Inventory System

  • The release of a new inventory system to support the new types of NFTs
  • Includes a Filter Feature to make finding NFTs easier
  • Includes more NFT data
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Presale/Development -> FINISHED
Closed Beta -> WE ARE HERE
Open Beta -> COMING Q3/Q4 2022